SKBO airport ILS aligned

Hi guys,

ils navigraph data is not in the center of the track, the data of the simulator itself is aligned, I do not have any extra scenario to the default, thanks for the help, attached image of littlenavmap

you compare the raw data with the sim data (which comes also from us :-))

As an example - look on the MagVar:
In the sim, we have exactly 6.769552W (LittleNavMap rounds that to 6.8W)
In the raw data, we have 7.0W - that´s 0.2° deviation what can explain that

That means, the source is the same but depending on the addon, on the sim, we add/calc some additional information to the datasets to be aligned with the the runway. When you switch in LNM to the Navigraph database only, you see the raw data without any additional calculation or similar else. That´s normally enough but as in your example it´s slightly offset. On the other side, the sim doesn´t use the raw data, the sim uses a sub-dataset of the raw data which is pre-prepared to be 100% compatible with the scenery.

So in other words, it makes no difference in LNM if this is slighly offset or not - important is the alignment in the sim (with our data at least) and this alignment is perfect.

Here Navigraph database activated:

… and here, when I deactivate the raw data and use only the sim data for the viewing:

The A/C wasn´t changed, still on the same position … it´s only the presentation of the data.

Hope that helps!


thanks for the answer, flying the pmdg 737 is misaligned, and update the AIRAC, will it be pmdg?

can you define “misaligned” please because the screenshots what I have made here were made with the 737. It was slightly right of the centerline but not really misaligned …

Here with our data installed:

… and here, with the stock data only (using no data from us):

You see, it´s equal … it looks more a runway-issue, that the runway is slightly off. The runways are coming from the sim, we don´t have any influence on their position, therefore (when the AIRAC data are correct) you see this slightly off. Sorry, I don´t see any navdata issue here - also with the PMDG, it works perfect.

It´s neither a navdata issue, nor a PMDG … it´s simple a scenery issue, it looks like.


thanks for your help

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