WMKP ILS is offset from centerline, it's localizer coordinates seem wrong


I’m using Navigraph’s FMS Data, and is on AIRAC 2103

It seems this airport’s ILS localizer location is wrong, compared to IRL. It’s causing MSFS planes to just follow the ILS to the side of the runway.

Airport ICAO : WMKP
ILS Beacon name : IPG
Coordinates seen in game from Navigraph AIRAC 2103 : 5.311306, 100.290389
Coordinates seen in CRJ nav data file update from Navigraph : 5.311306,100.290389
Coordinates from real life, Google Maps of the ILS Antenna Array : 5.311058,100.289478

Would there either be an issue with:
a. Published real life info for the airport itself?
b. Navigraph info itself?
c. Google Maps coordinates?

Is there a way for me to edit the downloaded Navigraph data so that for my own purposes, the ils coordinates would be at the irl coordinates?

Thanks for any response on this. I am super curious.

Hi Choon Leong,
thanks for the report. We have crossed-check the coordinates with the AIP Malaysia and the coordinates of the LOC antenna are correct so far. So, when this coordinates are wrong, than the AIP Malaysia is wrong.

Here the corresponding note directly copied out of the real-world AIP Malaysia:

051840.7N = 5.311305555
1001725.4E = 100.2903888

That´s exactly what we have in our database and what will be reported from Malaysia to Jeppesen. In this case, we can´t do anything because when, than it´s a real-world issue in the AIP Malaysia but as you see it´s definitively not a navdata issue.

Hope that helps


Yes I’ve noticed that as well. Understand. This is interesting, I didn’t expect published data to be wrong. O.o

Is there an easy way for game’s purpose for me to edit Navigraph’s data in MSFS so that it’s coordinates get’s shifted? Easy here means editing some text files or etc, that you know off.

Thank you for your response!

No sorry, there is no possibility to change this - also it´s not allowed to edit our BGLs. What you an do is, that you generate a own BGL and add it as a package to the sim. It´s a kind of mini-scenery but only with the correct ILS antenna location.


Alright, Thanks Richard!

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