Localiser Misalignment - all Airports

Hi there,

Using the FMS Data together with Jeehell. All approaches are misaligned , I would always land 100 m right of the runway. I am having this issue since months, why I switched over to use Navdata Pro from Aerosoft. With the Aerosoft data, all approaches are correct!

However I do not want to use Aerosoft. I subscribed to the monthly AIRAC updates, which I want ot use.
I do not understand, why Aerosoft FMS data works perfectly, while Navigraph data doesn’t - on the same machine with exactly the same P3D environment!


Hi Michael,
that shouldn’t be a different. Of course our data should also work as expected. Therefore, thanks for the report. I will check, what the cause is anf of course, we will fix it.

Sorry for the troubles and please be patience for the next days because most or our employees are “playing” Santa Claus, or Christkind :hugs::christmas_tree:

I will come back to you, when I have analyzed the issue.

Thank you & Merry Christmas

Thank you for looking into it.

Maybe helpful for you to know: I have Aerosoft and Navigraph data both installed in parallel. So I can select Data set 1 (Aerosoft) or 2 (Navigraph) from the MCDU Data page.

All data compiled and updated according to Jeehell procedure, of course.


Hi Michael,
just an short update to your issue:
We have found the issue and we are working on a fix. Hopefully, this solve this misaligements forever :roll_eyes:

I hope, we can just include the fix in the newest AIRAC 2014, which will be released in a few days.

Thank you

Hey Richard,

That sounds fantastic! Looking forward for your fix.


You´re welcome … Jean-Luc has tested the files too. After the updates from Hervé Sors (which are mandatory) I can confirm, that this is working now (excl. where do not declare P3D paths correctly).

Let us know your result please - thanks


Finally working now! You guys really made me happy today. I was waiting for a fix to this issue for more than a year. The latest AIRAC that worked with Jeehell was 1908. I have raised this on the JL and the old Navigraph forum, not knowing, on which side the issue was. Now I can finally use my Navigraph charts again!

Thank you!

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