Off center line 737-600 Land 3 centerline

Hello, I noticed when I installed all the navigraph programs and data I stopped landing on centerline at Rwy 30 KLGB. Should I clear MSFS cache? Is it possible the Navi graph data is several feet off compared to the stock data? Maybe just a fluke or two? Anyway if it’s actually a possible issue How can I fix this? As a real pilot it’s annoying for a full auto land 3 approach with little cross wind to not hit centerline just feels unprofessional. It’s irking me. Would like to fix it if able or anyone has any suggestions thanks.

From seeing similar reports at various airports it seems like the underlying MSFS positioning can be slightly off in some places so needs to be fixed in the underlying sim.

I remember in FSX there was an editor that could physically move around the ILS position on the runway at etc. does anyone know if there is a similar type so I can fix positioning manually at airports I visit a lot? Are we sure it is an issue with MSFS and not an interaction with Navi graph? Are there anyway to fix it? I’m gonna pull my hair out if I do another off center Land 3.

first of all, the ILS 30 into KLGB is only a CAT I approach, so autoland under CAT III are not allowed, but I guess you know this as a real pilot.

I have compared the the localizer coordinates with the FAA and they are absolutely identical:
JEPPESEN (our data): 33.82716111, -118.16269722
FAA: 33.82716169, -118.1626967

The blue point is the JEPPESEN position, the red one the FAA position - the same:

I have tried the approach and here my results:

1000 ft:

500 ft:

nearly over threshold:

touch down:
from the cockpit few:

from outside:

I can´t reproduce any offset - sorry.


Thanks for the update. I’ll try again. Maybe it was the winds. I’m not a commercial or ATP pilot so not up to date on which airports have CAT I or CAT III. As for my little centerline hiccup The PMDG 737 was single channel but when coupled properly and engaged both autopilots it went into autoland GS/flare/ roll out mode and allowed me to perform an autoland. Not sure why mine was off center I’ll try again a couple times.

Anyway, really enjoying the Navi graph experience. Very high quality and enjoyable addition to flight simming. Makes real life training on here feasible. Thank you for making it.

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