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I used to be on the road with FSX and never had any problems with navigraph. after 5 years of absence, i got back into the world of flight simulators and bought the P3Dv5 and of course navigraph had to be found. I actually only fly the Qualitywing B788 or B789. What I noticed, however, is that the SID or STAR are missing at some airports. Also, the plane is sometimes not centered correctly when landing, and that with very little wind. of course the airac is up to date! I would be very grateful for your help



In order for us to assist, we need more information from you sufficient for us to replicate the issues.

Please advise which SID/STAR’s are missing at which airports.

Which airport, runway and ILS is “not centered”. Please provide screenshots showing the behaviour using Guide to posting Screenshots.

Please show the QW 787 Ident page showing the AIRAC dates.


Hey Ian,

Thank you very much for your fast replay

Airport: OSAP (standart scenery)

Runway: 09 L

On the pipcture in attachement you can see that all my products are using latest Version of airac. I am a navigraph user for Long time and it is a must for sim Pilot :blush:

I will fly later today again and will show you the screen shots

Thank you very much

Kind regards and Always 3 greens


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Dear Ian,

here the screen shot from my QW B789

Thank you.

Kind regards


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@ swissair66

I cannot find any reference to 09L/27R for OSAP, you have a source that indicates it exists?

@srcooke is right … there is only 09/27 available - possible that the P3D scenery is outdated and therefore the possible offset:

Here the airport diagram from Aleppo:


Default P3DV5 scenery (APX57190.bgl) also has a 09/27 and associated ILS27 (IALE) is centered, so the problem lies elsewhere