CYUL ILS 6L - Misaligned?

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I searched for this but no results.

Am on Navdata Center 1.0.0, AIRAC 2107 Rev 2.

Sim Update 5, no custom airport scenery

Working Title G1000 NXi (initial release as of 07-27-21)

I flew a high-level IFR KUUU to CYUL, used the sim built-in flight planner.

I set up a manual approach upon arrival to use ILS 6L.

It seems misaligned. Please see cockpit and Little Nav Map screenshots. Note that I have the published (per LNM) frequency dialed in correctly - 109.30.

Thoughts? If it’s not the Navdata, I need to raise this with Working Title if it might be an NXi bug. I did not try this with the stock G1000 yet.

without testing but LNM reads the BGLs from the sim and when the localizer course is here correct, it can only be an issue with the mod.

Also, I see a course of 56° on your ND but it should be 57°. As you see on the LNM and on the real world charts. So, I assume this mod does something with the data before because we don’t have 56° in our data.

I will check the files internally and will try it with any other default aircraft and will come back.


here with the FBW A320 (latest stable version):

Absolutely aligned … the data are correct so far, so this must be something todo with the mod. Sorry.


Thanks, I was manually aligning with the mag bearing of the runway to minimize LOC correction before entering APR when I took the screenshot. But it was the obvious LOC deviation that caught my attention. thanks for testing, I’ll ask WT now.

Just to close the loop, WT confirmed v0.1.0 does not auto slew the CDI. So I need to use CRS knob to align manually.

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Oh, understood - thanks for sharing the “solution” - much appreciated :wink:

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