Simlink with latest MSFS Update

Similarly, since the new MSFS update and hot fix, I’ve not been able to monitor my flight with navigrpah.
I use a PC for the flight and monitor Navigraph via my MacBook Pro (which has worked brilliantly previously).
Can’t hook up to the live flight.
I’m sure there’s a solution…



By monitor, do you mean Moving Map?

If yes, from your FS PC, please post a screenshot of Simlink Status using Guide to posting Screenshots and FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray.


Hi Ian
Thanks for your help.
Just me being stupid - didn’t log on to navigraph on the PC.
All sorted.


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Hi John,

You are welcome. Easily missed. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


Hi Ian,
since the last update and hotfix i can’t connect with simlink. Simlink dosen’t find any flight data on server.
I made a new installation of und login new again but it doesn’t work anymore. Maybe you can help.

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