Charts and Simlink Login Issues

I have the same problem in windows 10. When I sign in, I get a message that says “waiting for user authorization” with a little circle that keeps going around forever.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling simlink to no avail.
On navigraph charts I get a message saying that a moving simulator could not be detected.
This happens on both x-plane and FS2020 and seemed to start after a data update
Please help.


Without login in Simlink, the moving map functionality in Navigraph Charts will not work. You have to log in first into the Simlink.

If the browser will not open after clicking on the “Log in” button into the Simlink window then please follow the below steps to fix it,

  1. Clear Simlink configuration.
    a. Close running Simlink.
    b. Open Simlink configuration folder which is located at %appdata%/Navigraph/Charts path.
    c. Now take backup of the .settings file and delete it.
    d. Start the Simlink, After Run Simlink it will ask for login again.
    e. Now please click on the “Log In” button on Simlink window.
    f. Done :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you did not get the solution from the above steps.


Ahir Vishal D.

It didn’t work. When I sign in to Navigraph. I get a window asking me to choose an application to open the navigraph-traffic-desktop link. I have no Idea what to do with this.


Can you please use Google Chrome as the default browser?
And after login with Navigraph Account it will ask to open the Navigraph Simlink or navigraph-traffic-desktop then please allow to open the application from the browser,

Please let me know if you still have an issue.


Ahir Vishal D.

Thank you, as I mentioned in a previous post, now everything is working.

KInd reagrds,


Hi Juan,

This thread is about Clinchpoop’s issue.


I don’t want to use Google Chrome as my default browser. Simlink was working fine with Firefox until a couple weeks ago.
How about if I uninstall everything from navigraph and then reinstall it?


Yes, you can do with re-install the Simlink also.


Ahir Vishal D.

I re-installed charts and simlink and everything appears to be working, Thanks for your help,

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