SimLink continously losing connection or doesn't connect during flight in MSFS 2020

Hello! I uninstalled and redowload SimLink because I have trouble connecting to MSFS 2020. And if it connects it after some time it loses connection. I checked it on Navigraph Charts and a the new Ingame panel too nothing is stable. I try to quit SimLink or kill the process and rerun and it seem working after a time it loses connection.

simlink_2021-05-29.dlog (306.4 KB)

Here is my latest SimLink log I suppose it helps resolving this issues.

It shows that Sim is connected than connection closed. It appears on web, in app, and the new ingame panel also.

Simlink panel:

If you run Charts concurrently in MSFS, web and app at the same time, then initially all connect ok?

And then after a while all disconnect, or only the MSFS app?

At this time, how does the Simlink Status screen look, can you make a screenshot of it just after moving maps was disconnected from the MSFS app?



Thank you for your answer, no I’m not running the web and Navigraph charts app simultanously, today I run the ingame panel and Navicharts app but none of them worked, only for just a few brief monent after takeoff and clearing the SID, and went disconnected, and cannot connected nor the ingame panel nor the app. I will post a screenshot tommorrow, thank you.

It’s worth noting I use other apps like SimToolkit pro, Pilot2UTC and OnAir which connects via SimConnect simultanously to the sim.

Sorry for the long delay, I had no time to fly. This is when the SimLink look like when it loses connection, right after loading the flight.



Please install the latest Simlink release which we published today, and see if it improves in your case.



Hello! Yes the updated SimLink was perfect through the whole flight today, no disconnection whatsoever. Thank you very much!

Regards, Laszlo

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