Can't connect to MSFS 2020

I have the newest version of simlink and msfs but it says there is no communication with the server. It’s supposed to connect “automatically” so its pretty hard to find the issue when the program tells you literally nothing.

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Please post screenshot using Guide to posting Screenshots of Simlink Status accessed from Simlink icon in Systray (near Windows Clock bottom right)


I’m encountering the exact issue as well, also as of a few days ago. This means that Charts, as well as any third party integrations (such as the GTN730) don’t work. I’ve uninstalled simlink using the Add/Remove Programs option in windows, and reinstalled it. No success. Help?

Looking at the log when I click on “Retrieve flight data”, which used to kick-start getting data from the sim, I now get:

[2021-04-21 23:55:52]	[]	[ERROR]	SimConnectStatusView::SetStatus:1


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