Simlink connected but moving map not working

I use FSX SE, and recently got a Navigraph subscription and thought i would try out simlink, from what i can see in the status page it has connected successfully to the server, but when i go into my navigraph charts and map the feature seems to not work. I did reinstall it to no avail.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Samuel,

In Charts top right make sure you select Enable Moving Map icon image . It should turn magenta image.

You should see your a magenta icon where your aircraft is located:



Ah, gee I didn’t see that thanks.

Best Regards,
Samuel Samouris.

Hi Samuel,

You are welcome.

Happy flying


Hi Ian
I still cannot ger the moving map to work on X-Plane 11.50
I have uninstalled Simlink reinstalled it . simlink has successfully installed into a X-Plane Directory (D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\Output\FMS plans)
Why does it still say “Could not connect to simulator!” in Charts when I try to activate the moving map
Please help