Could not connect to flight simulator

Hi, I was a Navigraph user for many years but have not been simming for some time. Just getting back into it now with MSFS and thought I would try Navigraph Charts. Currently in demo mode and trying it with FSX (as it’s quicker to startup than MSFS). I’ve installed Simlink, created a flight, etc, but when I hit the ‘Enable Moving Maps’ I get ‘Could not connect to Flight Simulator’

The FSX log shows the following

[2021-03-02 01:22:25] Navigraph Simlink Addon (v. for FSX/P3D (x86) has loaded.

[2021-03-02 01:22:26] Status: 0; Last error: 183

No one got any ideas?

If I can’t get this to work in demo mode I’m hardly likely to be taking out a subscription.

Hi Dave,


Sorry, I was replying to you as your message arrived.

Moving Map functionality requires a subscription and works well.

You might like to watch the first and last minutes of video at 15. How to Enable Moving Maps for Navigraph Charts Using Simlink

If you need further information, please ask.

We look forward to welcoming you as a valued customer.


Thanks for the reply Ian. I’ve just subscribed and sure enough it now works. It’s a shame this want indicated somewhere (unless I missed it) as it would have saved me some time messing around trying to get it to work and then having to post here.

’ Not available in Demo ’ would be more informative than ’ Could not connect to flight simulator ’

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