Simlink and charts will not log in


For the last 2 days I have been unable to log in on simlink or my Charts app on my laptop
connected to my system via my network.

I have searched and followed all the suggestions I can find about uninstalling redownloading
and reinstalling simlink and charts all with no success.

Sim link will not open the sign api page on my browser and Charts sill not sign in either just giving
me a message “unable to sign with device flow. Network Error”

Charts was working fine as of yesterday 3/22/2023 and now not so much

Thank you for your help.


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Hi Gene,

Please check the below points,

  1. Make sure that, the Navigraph application is not blocked by antivirus or other security software.
  2. If you are using VPN or proxy then please disable it and recheck it with the Navigraph product.
  3. Make sure that your system time is auto sync with the internet.
  4. I suggest using Google Chrome as a default web browser.

Please let me know if you still have the issue.


Vishal Ahir

Awhile ago, my Simlink connection began working after I changed the date/time on my PC. I went back to my flight sim a week later, and began having the same ‘not connected’ problem—signed in to Navigraph via Simlink AND via the web on the Navigraph page…and then went to Steam to bring up FSX.

My checklist includes:

  • Making Chrome default browser
  • No proxy settings in .settings file
  • Double checked that vpn / antivirus was not operating
  • Uninstalled Simlink from it’s app and Programs/control panel.
  • Deleted Navigraph folder as per the AppData path.
  • Downloaded Simlink from the Navigraph Account page.
  • Signed from the Simlink app and then signed in from the webpage
  • Launched Cloud app from My Account page.

Still, no connection.


Doug Pelton

Hi, did you fixed your sing in problems? If so, could you help? I get the same network error

I keep getting the message unable to sign in with the device flow. network error

Please help