Sim link needs to be running

Look , I will not renew the navigraph subscription unless you can fix this issue . I have update it many times and follow instruction and so on, every time I run navigraph it gives me this message , "simlink needs to be running : ":. what am I doing wrong ? Thanks support please



In order for us to assist, please advise:
Which operating system?
Which flight simulator?

Please start your flight simulator.
Using Guide to posting Screenshots please post a screenshot of Simlink Status accessed from your green Simlink icon image in hidden icons bottom right of windows screen or macOS status bar :


I AM USING WINDOWS 10 , FOR MSFS 2020 . I have a plugin inside of MSFS , and another outside for a second monitor

Please click on the Simlink icon in your last screenshot


which should bring up the Simlink Status page, Please post a screenshot of this: