Issue Simlink to Simulator

This is just today, Friday 1/20/23. MSFS running, Simlink running and when i fired up Navigraph and it says…“Could not connect to simulator, Simlink needs to be running”.
Is your server down or something?

Kin M.

Hi Kin,


The servers are working fine.

Please post a screenshot of the Simlink Status page with MSFS running and aircraft located on a runway using Guide to posting Screenshots. See also FAQ - Simlink Install and Systray.


That’s the first thing i checked is the log and it can see my flightsim on that log.
But when i go to the Navigraph map panel to see my current location (the diamond logo of my aircraft position), then the message says…“simlink and the sim must be on”.

This is the message at the bottom.


Thank you for the update, glad it is resolved.


Vishal Ahir

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