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Hi!, my Navigraph Simlink don´t start, help me please.
Fallo simlink

Is this on your FS PC? What happens when you implement the suggestion at Navigraph Simlink is online now? - #4 by Ian


I did everything, but it doesn’t work, I don’t know what’s going on, because I use it on two PCs, but it doesn’t work on this one, on the other without problems.

You only run one Simlink and that is on the FS PC.

On your 2nd PC you run Charts, but must not run Simlink there.

When you select a chart in Charts Desktop, or Charts Cloud on 1st or 2nd machine our servers see the coordinates from Simlink on the FS machine and provide moving map on that chart.


I don’t understand what I should do on the second PC.
I should not activate simlink?, how do I see the plane where it goes?.

Please uninstall Simlink from the 2nd PC. Do not reinstall.

Can you run Charts Desktop there? When you click Toggle Maps icon top right do you not get moving map? Please post screenshot of any error.

Try accessing from a browser on the 2nd PC, Toggle Maps icon. Any success, please post screenshots of any error.


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Please let us know the result after following below steps,

  1. On your 1st system run flight Simulator and make sure the Simlink is running on same system.
  2. Check you are login in Simlink on your 1st system before running flight Simulator.
  3. Start flight on 1st system.
  4. Now open Navigraph Charts on your 2nd system and enable moving map funcation on it.
  5. Is moving map is working or not?

FYI: simlink need to install only where flight Simulator is install.

Please let us know.


Ahir Vishal D.

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It does not recognize the connected simulator, I am on my second PC, the first one works fine.