Saving Selected Approach with Flight Plan

When I save a flight plan using Navigraph Charts it seems the version of the selected approach that is saved often does not include the selected approach IAF or transition, but rather it is the version of the approach with “Final” as the selected transition that is saved.

Is this by design, or perhaps do I need to do something different?


Hi! Thank you for the question and welcome to the forum!

What you are describing sounds odd, it should absolutely store your transition. You can verify what exactly is stored by pressing the “Edit route” button in the top right.

As you can see in this image, my approach is saved with the STRAD transition:

With this information, is there anything that still does not add up?

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Thanks for the reply. See the two pics below.
The first is what I exported, note the SWEDD transition both on the map and in the listed approach.
The second pics is what I got back when I imported the save file. SWEDD is no longer shown as the approach transition on the map or in the selected approach.
BTW, my sense is this started with one of the recent updates, wasn’t always this way which is why I noted something had changed.

Ah. The issue most likely lies in the format that you are exporting. Which export option are you using?

I’m not quite sure what you are asking, but…
I’m exporting (saving) using the MSFS pln format and am using the STD Chart Mode (I don’t understand the difference between the STD and CAO modes).
Hope that answers your question.

It does! The MSFS .pln format does not support approach transitions. The exported file does not contain the transition, and will thus not be loaded again once you import it! May I ask what your use case is?

For info, STD vs CAO is related to the charts themselves. CAO charts are based on the STD charts, with the main difference being that they are optimized for specific airline customers. This means that they often have small additions/changes that a certain airline has asked for! You can tell them apart using this symbol:


I save the flight plans so at a later time I can use them in MSFS. BUT, I don’t actually load them into MSFS but enter them by hand – usually into a GTN750 or G3000. So my purpose for exporting the FPs is just to have them available when it comes time to enter them and fly, could be a few days from when I actually developed the plan.
So what format would you suggest I save the FPS in?
And thanks very much for all the info!

Hmm, I see! Is it more convenient to store the files than to read the flightplan from Navigraph Charts directly, without exporting anything? Your flights are saved in the cloud and will always be available!

And if you do have to save them, the X-Plane format does include the transition (APPTRANS in the file).

No worries, you’re welcome!

So if I understand, once I develop a FP it is saved automatically in the Cloud. Where do I go to see a list of the plans saved in the Cloud? I may, for example, want to find a FP from a few weeks previous. Ah… or is the list in the Cloud what I see in Charts under Filter Flights after I click on Unload?

You should be able to find them in the “Flights” menu in Navigraph Charts. From there, you can sort and filter them, or even mark any amount of them as favourites!

There is even a short description of the route available to you at a glance, which should represent a condensed format of what you would find in a .pln file for example.

Got it (finally, sigh – age problem!) , that was the list I was talking about.
I appreciate you taking time to help me!

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Absolutely no worries! Happy to help, feel free to create a new topic if you have any more questions!

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