Is There Now a Navigraph/MSFS Flight Planner Disconnect?

I usually do initial flight-planning in SimBrief, then import it into Navigraph to verify STARs, approach transitions, etc. I then import the FP saved thru Navigraph into the MSFS flight Planner after starting the sim. Once in the aircraft, no matter which nav system was being used (g1000, g3000, other, etc.) the approach and transitions I selected in Navigraph were in the FP exactly as I had chosen. Now, that’s usually not the case.

Lately, the flight planner ignores the original Navigraph approach transition and inserts its own? Now, this hasn’t caused any big issues, but its rather frustrating to have to reset the approach transitions for every flight! It happened again today. I chose the transition and IAF that would work best for the flight plan in Navigrapgh, only to have the flight planner over-ride it and choose an inappropriate transition. I edited the approach in the nav system and changed the transition back to the original one. Isn’t Navigraph supposed to over-ride or insert its procedures into the flight planner, not the opposite?

Hello Randall! Welcome back!

What you’re describing is unfortunate if true, but unfortunately, we can’t do anything akin to “overrides” due to limitations in the (undocumented, unofficial) APIs in the simulator. When you use the “Load as active MSFS flightplan” feature, we instruct the internal simulator systems to load the flightplan exactly as outlined in your planned flight.

Beyond this point, we have no influence over what the simulator does with the information and due to the unofficial nature of the integration, Asobo can change anything at any time without giving us any notice which could potentially result in unintended behavior.

With the above said, I just tried to reproduce the issues that you describe and was unsuccessful. Departures, arrivals and approaches load correctly on my end, so in the interest of looking further into this: could you provide a reproducible scenario? Please specify route & aircraft and I’ll do my best to investigate the issue.

Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

Thank you for your response. It is not so much that I expected Navigraph was “overriding” the MSFS flight plan system as I was under the impression that the imported flight plan would be used and not changed by MS. I stand corrected.

I have had a number of changes out of the FP once it reaches the aircraft’s nav system - however, the most common in recent days is to have the majority of the FP correct but the transition into the approach is changed. For example, my last flight was the following:

  • Aircraft: TBM 930 (improvement mod)
  • WT g3000 Garmin
  • FP: KLVK to KLMT
  • Approach: RNAV Rwy 14 w/MIXUP transition
  • Actual approach loaded from MS: RNAV Rwy 14 w/SPRAG transition
    This looped me quite a bit out of the way. However, since I have seen similar things happen in about 5 of the last 6 flights, I checked the end of the FP after reaching cruise, found the error, reset the transition and all was well. I have now made this a part of my procedure. The first time it happened I was wondering where in the world I was going. I have also had instances with STARs where the transition into the approach sequence took me as much as 30 miles off my route. I also watch for these circumstances now and either delete the STAR or edit the WPTs to resolve issues.



Thank you for the additional information, we shall look into this further, but as mentioned already there most likely is nothing we can do about it unfortunately. Apologies for this!

I’ll update you if I can find a way around it.

Kind Regards,