FSLabs FMC - EDDF / SPESA1B / ILS RWY25L / Missing approach transition DF626 as an option

Hi, I was recently directed by ATC to SPESA1B and ILS RWY25L via DF626 transition. Unfortunately, I was not given this approach transition option in the FMC. Only available option was CHA. Interesting to note is that this approach option (including the other option MTR) is available on the Navigraph charts.

NB! I am using the latest AIRAC cycle 2104. Also confirmed that this database is being used by FSLabs.

Please advise. Thank you!

Not sure if this is how the Airbus works or an FSL implementation of stitching the approach together.

If you check the available transitions to ILS25L you will find DF626:


However as the SPESA 1B arrival requires vectors after DF616 then the MCDU is automatically using the CHA transition as it is fully linked.

You can select SPESA 1B and NO VIA, then add the DF*** fixes manually

Yes, that’s how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, I am not given the DF626 or MTR approach options. Typically, this has never been an issue at other airports. And strangely, you are able to select these options via the Navigraph application. I was under the assumption that if Navigraph is making this option available via their app then it should also be provided as an option within the FMS itself. Maybe I am mistaken. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks!

You do not have the approach vias if you do not select the STAR as I have ?

Selecting a STAR the MCDU will only have the CHA VIA as it is directly linked to the approach.

Thanks sir for the clarification. I consider the topic closed.

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