Navigraph Export (Destination Transition - Possible Issue)

I create a new IFR flight plan in Navigraph which includes:
Origin (Runway, Departure, Transition) & Destination (Runway, Arrival, Approach, Transition).
I then export the flight plan as MSFS 2020 (.pln) for later use.
I have noticed that after later importing the flight plan back into Navigraph, the ‘Destination Transition’ always reverts to ‘Final’ despite selecting a different transition prior to exporting the flight plan.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


I confirm the behaviour, and we shall investigate.

Why not simply reload the flight plan in Charts without the export/import to pln format? You then get the transition as you created it.


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Thanks for the tip… didn’t think of doing that… creating FP on main PC to display on a laptop, I have been making hard work of a simple situation, much easier your way… many thanks :slight_smile:

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