Sable Island NDB missing

As title, NDB is missing.

please can you give us more information about this NDB, at least the location would be great.
I have no idea where this NDB should be located?

I have looked into the FAA database for the US area, but nothing. So it must be either in any other area, or its outdated and not existing.

From where are the screenshot? What is the source of this? Do you have any real-world reference (like AIP, notam, …) for us, that we can report this?


Sable Island is a little island east of Nova Scotia.

Hope this helps.

That’s not an official nor a reliable or current source, it can only serve to suggest 1B was once existing.

In Navigraph data specifically, it existed until cycle 2202 and is gone as of cycle 2203. It was likely decommissioned.



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