Runway IDs mismatch on North Canada

Hello, am using the lastest version of MSFS2020, and doing a trip from iceland to usa, I noticed that several northern airports runway ids are off by one between simulator avionics and simbrief/charts

Am using cycle 2406 on the sim, and also on simbrief/charts. I did a lot of research to check if maybe the navdata was not installed correctly on the sim, but everything seems to be right. I ended doing a full reinstall of navdata hub and the navdata itself but the issue persist.

Check the following screenshot taken on CNV4:

Thanks for your help!

Runway IDs do not come from Navigraph data. You would need to install custom scenery for the airport (with updated runway IDs) to fix that.



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Ohhh I see, I though that was that but I wasn’t sure, thanks for the clarification.


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