2211 NZWD missing!


I’ve got an urge to tick, and that’s doing a successful flight from Williams (NZWD) to any airport in the US/Canada. For reasons beyond me, the FMS data from Navigraph for 2211 is missing MZWD and the 2 (maybe 3) fields in the immediate vicinity. This prevents me from doing the flight properly to an extent. I can’t select RWY for departure or SID, which in some aircraft is an auto no-no, in others, it can be done with expert McGuivering. I was hoping someone from Navigraph could look at the data and fix it ASAP. (I’ve verified it’s flat-out gone from the NAV data, so if you’d like to teach/show me how to add it, I will be happy to do more McGuivering)

Many thanks for considering my request.

due missing information to reproduce it (like which sim you’re using, which addon, …) a more or less general answer: NZWD is in our data/database.

So, can you give us more details please
Thank you

I guess it’s amateur hour on my end… using XP12B12. Did a quick dig through files and all 3 airports in question are in XP12B12 you can see right down to the tower frequencies and they are actively there with moving maps and the airport “outline”

Hi again,

So, it´s solved or how should we understand your last posting?


It is not solved no. I meant that the airport in within XP’s physical data. Navigraph data does not have it

sorry, I can´t reproduce it …

Here from the default C172 equipped with the G1000:
… arrival:

… departures:

… approaches:

You see, the data are included - so it´s not navdata related …


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