RMD NDB wrong coordinates in X-Plane

The RMD NDB at LLRD airfield has wrong ccordinates (32.666666667 / 35.183333333 in data file is positioned directly on the runway). According to areal photos it is locted at 32.665902333 / 35.185849457.

for a report to Jeppesen, we need an official note from the AIP or similar else, sorry. I haven´t found anything about this NDB and I´m not sure, if this NDB is existing in real … but again, I´m not familiar with this area but it would be helpful, when you have any source for this, that we can report it to our data provider.

It could be also possible, that this is a military navaid than we have no chance to report this, I don´t know …

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the data Provider itself should see that the data is interfereing with the runway data. I only have Areal photos proving that there is no NDB where it is according to Navihraph but at the Location I posted there is an NDB visible on the photos. It is a Military airbase.



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If that is of any help: In the current official AIP Israel there is no NDB listed. I am pretty sure that’s why the NDB location of the Navigraph Database interferes with the runway - because it’s old stuff.
Current used enroute navaids active in Israel can be found here:
Israel eAIS Package (azurefd.net)
Starting page for AIP Israel is here: Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) | Civil Aviation Authority (www.gov.il)
There you can also download a full PDF where all navaids (including ILS/DME) are listed. NDBS are no longer in use there.

Thanks, that was the same what I have found and figured out. We will report, that this NDB is outdated and therefore obsolete.

Thank you

Yesterday I got an answer to my request send to Civil Aviation Authority of Israel with a simple statement:

“There is no NDB published in the AIP of Israel”.

So if any other NDB in Israel is also in the database: They are obsolete.