Route creation bug

Hey there,

I think I might have posted this in the old forum but I don’t know if it was answered yet - anyway I flew the route from YMML to RCTP and there was the Manila VOR (MIA) used as a waypoint. However, not the MIA VOR on the airway which was actually specified was used by the program but another MIA VOR in Myanmar.
No matter what I tried, it wouldn’t accept the Manila VOR as a waypoint. It always changed back to the Mandalay VOR in Myanmar.

Hi Fabian,

Welcome to our new forum. It seems like a bug in Charts Autoroute function. We shall investigate.

As a work around you can delete MIA from flight plan then insert MIA again ahead of CAB and you should be right to go:


Hi, we’ve issued a fix fir this now. Please try the route again!

It works now, thank you !

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