MALED1L SID from Corfu all garbled up when loaded on the PMDG 737-700 FMC

Hello everyone!
New to the use of the FMC here. I tried my best to find out whether I am doing something wrong, but when I load the MALED1L departure from LGKR, the magenta line is all wrong. I am sorry I cannot include any photos, as I am not savvy with such things, but I guess it would be very easy for everyone to replicate this. On the navigraph moving map, within the simulator, the route appears as it should be, but on the FMC it is all messed up. Is this a problem with the PMDG’s limitations? Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you for your time,

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Well, as it happened I managed to find a “dirty” solution just after I posted this!
When I went to the LEGS screen, I just deleted the third leg called “GAR” which apparently shouldn’t be there, and the thing just seemed to be fixed and I got the proper route showing.

Again I don’t know if it is a Navigraph or PMDG problem, but it seems fixable and I think it is worth bringing it to your attention.

Thanks, John

Hi John,


Thank you for your report and “quick” solution. We shall investigate the cause.