AWY/WPT Missmatch

Anyone experiencing issues with waypoints being entered at start of route planning, causing mismatch in MCDU?
Routing from simbrief AIRAC 2303
EGBB/15 N0358F230 CPT2Y CPT Y321 PEPIS/N0393F280 Q41 SAM N63 LELNA LELN1K EGJJ/08

Hi, the route you posted looks fine as far as I can tell.

Though it should be noted that cycle 2303 introduced some pretty major changes to the airways in the UK. Not sure if that’s related to the issue you’re seeing, but if the MCDU you’re using isn’t updated to AIRAC 2303 that could be the issue.

Which add-on/simulator are you importing into? Have you double-checked if it was updated to AIRAC 2303?

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