RNAV Transition instead of STAR

Instead of STARs, the approaches at EDDL (as an example) also offer RNAV transitions. I would like to replace the STAR from the auto-routing in SimBrief with the RNAV transition. I haven’t been able to figure out how this may be possible. Runways 05R and 05L for instance have the HALME 05 RNAV transition. HALME05 is invalid in Simbrief. In the A32NX on MSFS I am able to select the RNAV transition as a “via” to the ILS approach from HALME. Is it possible to include it in the route in SimBrief, too, in any way?

Hello, The issue is that HALME 05 is not a STAR, it’s a RNAV transition. What you can do is plan HALME1X which will drop you off at RONAD. Then you can pick up the RNAV from that point.
Plan just to HALME in SimBrief and program your RNAV approach from that point. I personally would plan HALME1X as this will factor in the extra fuel burn required. Hope this helps.

Thank you for responding. But I know it’s not a STAR. I pointed that out myself in my question. I know how to work around it. That was not my question. In essence you are saying it’s not possible to enter RNAV transitions in Navigraph. That’s too bad. In the Sim I can do that just fine (as I lined out in my question).


In SimBrief, as in real world flight planners, most RNAV transitions can’t be inserted into the route. This is because they are considered to be part of the approach (or more accurately, a transition to the approach) and therefore aren’t normally filed in the ATC flight plan.

That being said, such transitions can be selected in Navigraph Charts. Simply click the small arrow to the right of the approach you want to use, and choose the “HALME” transition.

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