Differences between approaches in MSFS and Navigraph

Since 2203, I have noticed differences in approaches between MSFS and Navigraph.
I’ll give you an example: approach on LFPG RLP9E / ILS 08R via OKIPA which I use regularly.
The path loaded in MSFS is not correct (route from the South) while the one indicated in Navigraph is the correct one (from the North).
I specify that it is a route made in Simbrief, loaded in MSFS and Navigraph.
I never had this before.
I checked the content manager, the “content.html” file, everything is OK.
Please tell me a solution.


Please Alain, can you upload your flightplan here, which you have created via SimBrief.

In general, the MSFS has his own logic to re-calculate the flightplan in that moment, when you change anything after loading an external flightplan. That is nothing what is in our hands. But again, to be 100% sure, upload this flightplan here, which you have created via SimBrief and which you have loaded in the MSFS.

Thank you,

Hello Richard.
I put you the file that I imported in MSFS.
but the problem is with the selection in MSFS of the ILS 08R arrival, this is where the path is not the same.
Thank you,
LGAVLFPG_MFS_27Mar22.pln (14.1 KB)

… and thats exactly the problem. There are a lot of problems with the approaches in the MSFS, specially when you use transition because you have no possibility in MSFS to select an approach transition, only a STAR and the Approach directly but no transition.

The coding behind is exactly the same, but the logic in MSFS is quite differ … we have reported this to ASOBO for approx. 1.5 year but there is no change. You find also a thread in our “Known issue” category to this topic:

It describe exactly the same. But this happens also with the stock data, because it´s the logic in the sim and has nothing todo with the underlined data (if from NavBlue or us).

Sorry, in this case we can´t do anything - the only way is NOT to use the WorldMap flightplanner and to use the Aerosoft CRJ, the WT CJ4 or the FBW A320 (dev version) because these three aircrafts uses their own logic and my not used the bad sim logic.


Thanks a lot Richard.

No problem Alain, sorry for the “bad” news …
Have a nice sunday,

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