ZPMS runway offseted (2201)

When making flight to ZPMS, I noticed in LittleNavMap, ZPMS have quite some offset on runway, as well as in game FMC.
I put MS120 and MS220 as runway waypoint for RNAV approach (only published in NAIP), they are prefect in line with All background map LNM came with (Shown here OpenStreet), so I don’t think it’s a non-WGS84 grid issue. you can also see the go-around waypoint MS401 came with Navigraph data is also inline with MS220 and MS210.
I noticed the airport center coordinates on Navigraph chart and data are 24 24.0’, 98 32.0’, but on NAIP, is 24 24’ 05", 098 31 55", just right on the edge to be round out, maybe that’s the cause.
Hope you could fix it on next cycle.

do you have any AIP reference for us please? I have compared the runway data and they are correct but as you have figured out, slightly offset to sat-images of google earth.

The problem with airports in China is the lack of information for the data-provider. So, when you have any current AIP information for us (don´t know what NAIP exactly is), we can report it to Jeppesen. What I need are the runway-coordinates, also the exact position of the localizer and glideslope because both are also offset.

Thank you very much,

NAIP is Chinese domestic AIP only available in Chinese, I’m afraid I couldn’t provide more detail on that because it’s somewhat semi-classified.
In the internationally published E-AIP, the airport coord is also provide as 24 24.0’, 98 32.0’ and no RUNWAY end points have given as no related RNP procedure.
Since only ILS and VOR approach are proviede to international carrier, You’ll get radio nav and visual to the runway. I guess that 190m or so error is good enough even for real-world operation…
But unlike old days when some Chinese airport not yet adopted to WGS84 that makes huge “artificial” error, this time is just simple round up error, move runway center to 24 24’ 05", 098 31’ 55" and eyeball on public sat-image would be better enough then…

Ok, thanks for the information … but that´s exactly what I have thought. I´m afraid, than we can´t fix it sorry because all information comes from the AIPs of the countries and when the data-provider doesn´t get the information, they can´t add it/correct it. Sorry for that.


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