RJAA airport ILS34L

I use this route “UHWW/25L PERAS1 PERAS A723 ARLAS B451 KADBO R211 GTC Y303 ENTAK Y30
I see the last waypoint RJAA in FMS has strong offset with RWY34L position: I had to switch in manual mode to reduce the lateral deviation and to finish the descent using the ILS.

Hi Jean-Luc,
and what was the last waypoint? Which aircraft has you used?

I use A320 NX latest development and the last waypoint is RJAA with Star SWAMPE. FMS plan is entered with Simbried integration function of A320NXmod

Hi Jean-Luc,
I´m pretty, pretty, pretty sure, that the in-game flightmanagement has skipped GIINA in this case. According your screenshot, you have passed ELGAR - the next waypoint is HARPS which looks also be passed but after that it seems that the A320 doesn´t fly to GIINA and follow the track after HARPS.

You wrote, you have used a SimBrief flightplan, please can you upload the fpn-file here, that we can look deeper into this. But again, I don´t see any issue in the source data, nor in the MSFS data. The track looks not very complete, and therefore it´s hard to say what happened. But possible, we see something in the SimBrief file what you have used …

Thank you very much …

Thank you Richard. Here the flight plan

UHWWRJAA_MFS_15Mar21.pln (13.3 KB)