FF A320 Nav data KLAS

So 1st off. Great work getting all these new procedures done. A lot of changes for sure.

Small issue i noticed on the KLAS, RNAV (RNP) RWY 08R Appr. None of the missed approach waypoints are displayed on the MCDU. All WP’s starting at YAGGR to the RWY are there. However after the rwy nothing. There are actually several Fixes as part of the missed procedure. ( SCAAR, FLAAR, HNIBL, VMPRE ). Maybe these can be added to the next nav data revisions or next Airrac.

Thank you. Let me know if you need anything else from me.

FF A320- U
Windows 10 pro.
XP11, open Gl mode. Current stable version.

Hi Dave,

Please check. I show those missed approach waypoints, so the navdata is correct.

FFA320 1.1.9-2487
Xplane 11.53r1 using Vulkan driver


Well that’s odd lol. I wonder if there may be a bug. I had an original flight plan set up for 26L. Then upon descent the airporr flow changed. So i went into the 2nd flt pln init and inserted a 2nd flt pln from and too both klas using the rnav 08R with the RNDRZ1 STAR. Once i activated the 2nd flight plan that’s when i realized the missed procedure wasn’t displayed. So maybe this only effects after activating a 2nd flt pln. Cause obviously its working on the original entry. will have to test this.

Thanks for the feedback.