YSSY - BOREE3A Arr issue


Flying into YSSY - BOREE3A Arr into Rwy34R:

I am using the latest Navigraph revision. The a320 ND displays an arrival with many missing waypoints after BOREE and this arrival should take me East around the airfield to waypoint JAKLN of which it is then vectors to final. However, in the sim it takes me from BOREE, direct to YSSY and then West with an arc to ENDEV. I can’t even manually input any waypoints that should come after BOREE (such as VASRA, BEROW etc.)

thanks for the report.

No, the waypoints are there but the A320 is completely buggy and therefore not really usable.
When ypu load the same procedure in the TBM940 Garmin you will see the correct and complete waypoint sequence.

Sorry, but thats an ASOBO bug and not a navdata issue.


Thank you, that’s all I needed to confirm, cheers!

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