Request: Allow specifying folder to install into

I use a tool which installs junctions into the MSFS community folder and manages them, making it easy for me to add or remove mods and select the ones that I want to be active at any given time. When Navigraph removes itself, it deletes this junction, and then installs directly into the community folder. In order to get it to work with the linker, I have to then cut the folder out of the community folder and paste it into the place where the linker program does its magic.

I would instead like to be able to specify a non-standard folder that Navigraph could do this with. That way I could continue managing inclusion/exclusion of various mods using the linker program.

This could even be accomplished by having an update function that doesn’t delete the navigraph folder itself, but deletes everything inside the folder and installs the new files in place. That would also preserve the junction.

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short answer, no - there are clear specification from ASOBO/Microsoft what is support and how. Sorry.

Long answer here:


That’s unfortunate, but, being in the software business myself, I can certainly understand wanting to reduce the potential support burden. Having a hidden advanced option to allow this would still be on my wish list, but I can get by just fine copying the data out of the folder and placing it where I can manage it all better.

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