Moving to new NVME

Honestly, I did try to research whether this has been covered, and I’m sorry if it has already been so. I am moving my MSFS 2020 to a new drive, and I read somewhere about using the utility to uninstall Navigraph and then reinstalling on the new drive. I don’t see a utility in the download section of the site, and am wondering if this step is still necessary? The MSFS discussion topic I read said it was necessary, thanks.

Hi Darren! Welcome back to the forum!

We do not have such a utility. Could you provide a link to the guide that you are following?

The only Navigraph product affected by you moving your simulator would be our navigational data, which can be installed for both the simulator and addons. We also have the in-game panel and an avionics plugin.

This data is commonly stored in the community folder, which can be in different locations depending on where you bought the simulator and whether or not you have made a custom installation (which it sounds like you are trying to do).

Basically, as long as the simulator can find your community folder, we should be able to do so as well! You can confirm this by opening the Navigraph Hub - if it detects MSFS successfully, then all is fine!

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