Option of nav data location

I am disappointed that the nav data installer never asked me where to install the nav data. There is no option of installing nav data outside of the sim, i.e. outside of the Community folder. I hope this option can be added. I use Addon-Linker, which allows me to install all addons outside of Community folder, then add symbolic links to Community folder.

Hi Harry,
according the technical specifications from ASOBO/MS, all packages must be installed into the “Community-Folder” and we should not to install anything outside this folder, to avoid a possible unstable status of the sim. Addon-Linker or similar else are official not supported - not from ASOBO/MS nor from us. But of course, you can use it on your own risk.

In other words, as soon as ASOBO/MS removes this restriction, we can start to think about it but for now, we will not install our packages somewhere else, outside of the community-folder. Sorry.


Thanks. That makes sense. I suspected something like, otherwise you would not have forgotten the option because it is so easy to implement.

No, no Harry - we know since the first hour of this sim, that the loading times are critical and we also have made some internal tests, but as I wrote, there are currently also a few technical aspects, which doesn´t allow this.

Thanks for your understanding - the sim is so new, and also our data for this sim. So, we will also improve our service … :wink:


Good to know. Richard. I saw Orbx has the option, so I thought it was easy to have it. Maybe navdata is more integrated with sim than scenery and thus different?

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