Navigraph-maintenance folder in community, required?

Hi ASantos,

While I can see how this can be a convenient solution for some users I don’t see us doing this in the near future for the following reasons:

  1. We already support removing our package through one click in the app for easy disabling/enabling if needed.

  2. The proposed solution is a hack that is not officially supported by Asobo/Microsoft and is therefore open to instability between version changes of the simulator that is outside of our control. This solution is also dependent on a 3rd party software which can have bugs in itself and it’s own support issues that easy would carry over to us. The simulator is changing for every patch and we always need to be in full control over the data installation to be able to react quickly to changes, this is not possible if having a 3rd party handling the installation of data.

  3. Installing at custom location also opens up for a lot of user errors such as file permissions etc. that can make the installation fail in various ways that are difficult to debug. It is very likely that the above would result in us having to handle a big amount of support issues and partly also handle support for the above add-on which would take resources from actually developing our own product.

Kind regards,