Release Notes - Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel for MSFS


The plugin can be installed using Navigraph Hub. Look for Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel in the list of available packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Latest version

v8.4 (2nd March 2024)

  • Prevented unexpected changes of CDI source in PMS50 GTN750 when opening panel
  • Included coordinate-based waypoints from the route when loading active simulator flightplan
  • Added de-duplication of origin & destination airport codes in imported route
  • Added customizable panel shortcuts (workaround)
    • To change shortcuts, edit navigraph-ingamepanels-charts/html_ui/InGamePanels/NavigraphPanel/NavigraphPanel.js

Version History

v8.4 (12th February 2024)

  • Complete refresh of simulator integration, including a shiny new look
  • Smoother loading screen experience
  • Automatic adaption of interface scale
  • Drastically improved flightplan export integration, now supporting:
    • Any WT G1000-equipped aircraft
    • Any WT G3000/5000-equipped aircraft
    • Any WT Pro Line 21-equipped aircraft
    • Any default non-WT avionics, such as the G3X
    • The Boeing 787 and 747 included in MSFS

v1.3 (10 MAR 22)

  • The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N that toggles the panel’s visibility is now more reliable. Usage of the shortcut rather than the “X” button to toggle the panel mitigates the reset issue that Asobo introduced in SU8.
Older entries

v1.2 (09 MAR 22)

  • Users no longer have to sign in every time the simulator is started

v1.1 (23 NOV 21)

  • Improved SU7 compatibility

v1.0 (08 OCT 21)

  • Added ability to force larger text (high resolution) for the enroute Charts through an option in the settings.

v0.9 (04 OCT 21)

  • Fixed map elements being too small to read on high resolution displays

v0.8 (8 SEP 21)

  • Fixed issue where closing the panel would leave an area unresponsive to mouse input

  • Fixed issue where loading MSFS flightplans without arrivals would potentially contain invalid airways, causing discontinuities on the enroute charts.

  • Fixed issue where the approach transitions would not be loaded when importing a flight from the simulator.

  • Added support for Localizer Back Course approaches

v0.7 (6 SEP 21)

  • Added support for loading flightplans that contain an approach but no arrival procedure.

v0.6 (20 JUL 21)

  • Added the ability for the panel export the loaded flightplan to the simulator directly. This is currently the best way to import a Navigraph flightplan into MSFS.

  • Added a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl + N, that toggles the visibility of the panel.

v0.5 (02 JUL 21)

  • The currently loaded flightplan in the simulator can now be imported by prompt or the “New flight” menu. This requires that the loaded flightplan has at least an origin and destination specified.

  • A new design for the sign-in page brings a refreshing look as well as the ability to sign in with a single click by pressing on a URL.

  • The pinboard should now correctly display and operate a horizontal scrollbar.

  • The virtual keyboard implementation was extended to operate in additional areas of the app.

  • The keyboard interactions when typing into input fields such as the search field no longer causes unwanted interaction with cockpit switches or other toolbar panels.

  • The charts icon remains the same size when running on high-resolution displays

v0.4 (04 JUN 21)

  • Keeps session state when minimizing or closing window
  • Adds virtual keyboard

v0.3 (03 JUN 21)

  • Keeps login over several flights within the same simulator session
  • Moving maps stability improvements

v0.2 (28 MAY 21)

  • Resolved CTD for some circumstances

v0.1 (27 MAY 21)

  • Initial release