Question About Exporting Flight Plans and Layers

Hi all. I downloaded and started using Navigraph charts inside MSFS 2020 and so far it’s largely been an exercise in frustration. It appears as though Navigraph makes incremental changes to its interface, rendering various instructions videos and other reference material out-of-date. I’ve also encountered lots of unexplained weirdness, like this:


…which I later inferred were two buttons which read DISMISS and LOAD.

Anyway, the major problem at the moment is that there appears to be no way to create a flight plan in Navigraph and export it to MSFS. The EXPORT panel does not include any way to export to MSFS, but does the following cryptic text:

Load as active flightplan Only ATC, avionics not supported since AU1. How’s that for clarity? If you click on it, a little circle spins for a moment, and then stops. Literally nothing else happens. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I infer from all this that creating a flightplan in the Navigraph panel is fine, and exporting it to MSFS will work for ATC, but not for avionics. I have no idea what AU1 is, so I’m just guessing.

Next topic is how to filter out map elements when Navigraph apparently removed the button allowing for this.

Hello Chris! Welcome to the forum! and thanks for the feedback!

That’s odd, it is not supposed to cut the text like that. Which scale do you see in the settings?

I’m sorry that this does not make sense to you, I was not sure how to describe the fact that since AAU1 (Aircraft & Avionics Update 1), many if not all of the default instruments have been replaced with versions upgraded by Working Title, such as the G1000 NXi and the G3000 suite.

As part of this transition, the instruments no longer respond to changes in the simulator flightplan once the flight has been loaded, meaning that exporting a flight to the simulator using the mentioned export option will only affect the ATC.

We have plans to attempt to integrate directly with these avionics in order to make them pick up the updated flightplan, but this has not been done yet!

In the future, please stick to one question per topic if possible! In this case, I can refer you to this topic which contains a feature request along with the technical reasons why this is not possible right now:

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I there are lots of things I don’t know about how to operate things in this forum. For instance, I don’t know how to quote your posting. So bear with me while I try to communicate the issues.

Regarding importing a flight plan from Navigraph to MSFS. I sympathize with the technical difficulties introduced by the Working Title update, but I am nonetheless hoping for a realistic workaround for importing a flight plan from Navigraph into MSFS. At the moment I’m not sure I see the purpose of creating a flight plan in Navigraph at all without the ability to bring it into MSFS.

I’ll post separate topics for each problem I am experiencing.

No worries! You can do this by highlighting text in my post, which will prompt this little button to appear:


You are still able to export a .pln file that can be imported into the simulator. It is not as convenient, that’s for sure, but it works in the meantime until we set our mentioned plans for supporting the WT avionics in motion!

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Hello again! I have some good news.

With the release of version 8.4 of the in-game panel, this is now implemented! Please make sure to update the panel through the Navigraph Hub.

For a full changelog, see this post:

This should also be fixed!

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