Option to "Load as Active MSFS flightplan" disappeared?

After updating my in-game charts panel to the latest release, I was surprised to no longer find the option to “Load as Active MSFS flightplan”, as I had it available before. I realize that the option was buggy, and it didn’t always work. But it did work sometimes, and it was helpful to be able to load the flightplan into MSFS ATC (when it worked!) without having to leave the flight, and having to start it all over again. But now that option isn’t there anymore… Or at least, I can’t find it!

NOT talking about exporting to MSFS – that is for loading it into MSFS BEFORE entering a flight. I’m talking about the helpful option the in-game charts previously enabled us to do to load a modified flightplan into the the game’s ATC, in-game, during a flight. That is super helpful, including if you want to change to an alternate for example.


Yeah it is really sad that this feature disappeared. Apperently they are investigating. I would´ve never updated the in-game charts if I had known this…

Same here… I wouldn’t have updated had I known that too! Wish we could at least roll it back…

This feature has not been working predictably over the past sim updates due to how the sim interface has been changing. We are planning to investigate this again now that the panel update has been released and hopefully we can add the feature back.



I’m new to Navigraph and that’s exactly the feature I was looking for in your package. I mean… to be able to build my flight plan with your in game interface and bypass the need to quit and reload or start programming from scratch in my GPS what is already done in the NG interface.

Especially annoying in VR.

Thank you to work on it.

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I too was really disappointed that by this missing functionality. For the FNX or FBW A320 and even the PMDG 737 it was the best way to bypass the import from Simbrief !
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