Send flightplan from panel to simulator

I also have that question - it doesn’t seem to be supported at the moment.

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For MSFS2020 for example, could you upon edit of a flight plan in the Navigraph in game pandel just export the flight plan in MSFS2020 format, and then use the SimConnect SDK to import this?

Ideally I would open MSFS2020 and choose a starting airport. Then in game open the Navigraph panel and plan my flight / or load a saved flight there. This should then populate the flight plan automatically to MSFS2020. Given you have flight plan export capabilities and flight simulator can import it, and SimConnect has the import support – I think this could be automated so no manual handling of files is required.

Hello! I moved your post since it went outside the scope of the topic that it was posted on.

The thing is, the panel currently does support exporting flightplans to the extent that you are mentioning! The export option is called Load as active flightplan, but it has the following disclaimer:

Only ATC, avionics not supported since AU1

This means that while the option works, and the flightplan is sent to the simulator, that is no guarantee that aircraft avionics will pick it up. This is because many of the more advanced avionics have their own flightplanners which work independently of the simulator.

An upcoming iteration of the in-game panel will be able to integrate with all the new WT avionics (Garmin G1000, G3000, G5000 etc.) so that you can export your flightplan to them at any point, but even that is not possible at the current moment.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Hello again! I have some good news.

With the release of version 8.4 of the in-game panel, the export feature has been greatly improved! Please make sure to update the panel through the Navigraph Hub.

For a full changelog, see this post:

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