MSFS 2020 Flight Plan Export Problem since last update

Flight plans created in either the Desktop or IoS CHART apps for MSFS 2020 when exported for the MSFS 2020 format used to LOAD (in MSFS 2020) without issue. When exporting from Navigraph, a default .pln file name extender is also seen when the export file name is requested.

Now when the Navigraph EXPORT function is used and at the Filename request stage, no .pln is defaulted, only seeing a " . " default wildcard criteria. Even after adding a “.pln” manually, this flight plan couldn’t be LOADed in MSFS…all I see after selecting this exported file for LOAD in MSFS is the LOAD menu disappearing and the flight details in MSFS remaining as it was before, unpopulated. Whereas in the past, there would be a slight pause in the LOAD screen before the flight plans details were populated.

So unsure which update be it at Navigraph or MSFS end (I got the latest patch) that caused the change. Instead , I now have to tediously mirror the waypoints into MSFS. I also tried exporting in other formats e.g. Xplane etc…also seeing that the default file extenders for their respective formats do not appear…just the " . " per above.

Thanks in advance for your help.