Problem with the Professional CRJ installer path for MSFS 2020


Today when trying to install the new AIRAC for the professional CRJ for MSFS, after downloading the installer, having selected the MSFS option, it says that it has not found the path to the selected simulator.

How to solve this problem?


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what sim do you have (Steam or Marketplace)?

Can you check the results please if this path is existing on your system:

… or this:
%appData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator

… or do exist both?

Thank you,

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My simulator is via Steam. This folder specifies what you are looking for exists within Roaming and not in the% appdata% Root folder

Follow the path

..AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

again please enter exact the %appdata% which I have postef above … Copy&paste … It should result exactly the same roaming path … Can you confirm that?


Hi Richard,

I have the same problem. What you described above is correct, it gives the same path as AeroSky


Richard, my friend!

Yes, the path you took leads to exactly the same location!

I don’t know what the problem is, maybe running the installer in administrative mode?

Hi Richard,

same problem, MSFS steam edition, running the installer in admin mode isn’t effective neither

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No the setup runs with lowest privileges and also, we read directly the registry key from CURRENT_USER, so the setup returns every time the current user appdata paths.

@AeroSky I have added the path in the error message. Please can you download the setup again and can you run it again.

Please post the screenshot than …
Thank you

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I did as you asked, downloaded it again and ran it. He gave me the following message …

imagem_2021-03-26_173732 .

What would be the supposed path that should be found. If it is the Community folder, in my case it is not on this path. Because at the installation I asked for it to be relocated to another location.

Thanks for testing … Strange that the line is empty …

What installation do you mean? Sim or CRJ? Where is your CRJ installed?



When I installed MSFS, the Comuidade and Official folder are at another address as I showed you in the image from the last post. However, the CRJ is installed on another path that in my case is …


I don’t know if that was the question but I hope I have clarified!

Pedro Cabral

Ok, thanks Petro … That looks good.
So, have you bought the CRJ via a webshop or via Marketplace?

When via Marketplace:
You should look into the Official folder for Aerosoft-CRJ

When via Webshop:
Look into the Community folder please


No, I bought it on the MSFS market, I think you still don’t understand.

I mean the “official folders” and “community folders”. In the case of the official, everything you buy goes to them …

See the path from where the CRJ was installed


Everything I have purchased on the market goes to OFFICIAL folder ".

Why is that? … When we install MSFS, at least on the Steam version, it gives you the choice of being able to place the content in another HD partition. In this case, that’s what I did

Hi Petro,
yep, the path is correct and we check EXACTLY this parh to identify if the addon is from Marketplace or an webshop. The strange thing is, why on your screenshot this path (Installation folder) is empty because here should you see at least any path .

But you don’t use any unsupported addon linker or similar else? Only for confirmation.


Hi Richard,

I got exactly same problem. Here is the details:

  1. MSFS is steam version.

  2. CRJ bought from MSFS market.

  3. MSFS location:

  4. CRJ location:

  5. I have MFSF folder in %appData%
    C:\Users\Kenny\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

  6. I don’t have any MSFS folder in %localAppData%\Packages\


I hope this information provided for your investigation.

what a great report … Thank you, thank you, thank you … All details in one report, great.

One more request:
Please can you upload your usercfg.opt file - it’s located in the path #5 from your list. After that I have all and it looks a typical bone working example.

Thanks to you and all here in this topic - sorry, that this takes so much time but I do my best to find/solve all issues …



This is my file.
UserCfg.opt (3.4 KB)


Hi again Kenny,
thank you very much … I have one more request please because I know your system now very well:

  1. Can you re-download the installer from the webpage
  2. run the setup till the error message
  3. goto in the %temp% folder
  4. look for the latest “Setup Log 2021-03-xx #yyy.txt” file (xx = the day, the yyy is a serial number - so the latest one)
  5. upload it here please

Thank you,


File attached.
Setup Log 2021-03-27 #004.txt (2.5 KB)


Thanks Kenny - thanks for your support … have all now, will try to reproduce …