Cant install CRJ AIRAC

Hello, I cant install AIRAC for the Aerosoft CRJ. I keep getting this message.

MSFS Store version, latest CRJ.

which CRJ version do you have - purchased from Marketplace or from any webshop as an installer?

Apparently, from another user post, after applying the latest Aerosoft update, the name of the crj folder in the Community folder has been changed, making it invisible to Navigraph’s data installer.

I guess a workaround would be to rename the crj folder back to aerosoft-crj and try again.

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Hi Paul,

WHAT??? No, that´s a joke … Aerosoft has changed the folder name with the latest Aerosoft update? Really? That could be the reason, why some user has troubles with the detection … in the new “Navigraph Navdata Center” and also now in the manual installer …

Sorry, but that´s really unbelieveable … but worth to look deeper into it.
Thank you very, very, very much for this hint …

Hi Richard,

On the bright side, a throttle issue with the new version of the CRJ is probably preventing a major rush to update, including me. My folder has still retained the same ‘aerosoft-crj’ name, but that other post i referred to is suggesting that the name is changed to something like aerosoft-crj-550-700.

As i said, i haven’t experienced it myself, but sounds like it’s worth checking out with Aerosoft.


New Navigraph toolbar beta - Virtual Reality (VR) / In-Flight Menus & Toolbar - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums found it

Thanks, that worked.

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@Greyman solutions worked for me.

Hi again,
may I ask, what path you have before you renamed it to aerosoft-crj?

Which version of the CRJ do you have? From Marketplace or have you bought it from any webshop?
When have you installed the CRJ (and was it an update or have you made a complete new installation of the CRJ?


it was a brand new installation of the CRJ. Its from aerosoft web. No marketplace. The folder before I renamed it was something like “aerosoft-aircraft-crj-1-0-3”.

thanks - you should NOT rename any folder in the community-folder. The installation-paths are very important any may NOT renamed for any reason. Please consider this … the default installation folder for the Aerosoft MSFS CRJ is in all versions: aerosoft-crj

Again, this folder may not be renamed - and generally, I highly recommend not to rename any folder name in the community folder.

Thank you,

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