Charts 8 in VR causing crashes

Im using charts in vr when using pmdg 737 and its crashing.

When i dont load up charts 8 flight works a treat without crash.

Any ideas?

I have this exact same problem, exiting from VR after using Navigraph in game panel and PMDG for more than 10min result in an instant CTD with a GPU error message! so much so that I ended up uninstalling the ingame panel knowing that it was the single unique feature that made me buy a subscription -I’m a VR only user-

dx12, RTX4090, Ryzen 7 5800x3D, 32GB RAM DDR4, 2TB NVME SSD Samsunng 980 Pro, Oculus Quest 2

Hello guys! Sorry to hear about these issues.

When is it crashing? Directly? At a particular phase of flight? Can you correlate it with anything else? Did this just start happening or has this always been the case?

What is the GPU error message? Any screenshots, logs etc. is much appreciated.

When it comes to the panel, as has been said many times before in this forum, we do not have that much control over it and how it affects the simulator itself. We are unable to reproduce the issues mentioned in this thread, and since there is no official support for panels like these in the simulator - there simply isn’t much we can do to help other than collect as much information as possible - and even that is hard.

That said, we have had multiple cases where GPU drivers and game updates have been the culprit. Sometimes switching between DX12 and DX11 has helped, and sometimes it was simply broken a fix was necessary. There is, unfortunately, no way for us to tell with certainty what is causing this issue in particular!

Lastly - please note that the environment that we are limited to when it comes to this panel is everything other than optimal for the use case. It shares resources with the simulator itself and is incredibly dated and slow when compared to modern browsers or native apps. The shared resources could very well be a reason on their own, but as already mentioned - impossible for us to tell at the moment :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience! We will continue to monitor the situation and we’re thankful for any information we can get on the case!

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thanks @skysail !

I’ll will reinstall to try to get you a screenshot of the error, then also try it under dx11 and get back to you!

Fixed it !

first try : loaded up the 378 at KPSP, with navigraph ingame panel installed: immediate CTD before even launching the panel (btw: here I’m using the beta version but have had the same issue with the main version)

PS: my GPU is not overcklocked!

second try, this time I could launch the ingame panel, but that was shortly followed by a CTD without any error message. Going to the event monitor, I’ve found an other error related to the graphic driver nvlddmkm:

Luckily, I had Afterburner running in the background, so by checking it’s hardware monitor I’ve noticed a temp spike of 94°c that happened at the exact same time as the CTD, and knowing the my GPU default temp limit is 81 … the mistery is solved…

All I had to do is to activate a custom fan curve, to make sure that the fans hit 100% speed at 70° and never stop turning bellow 50° (that was the default behaviour)


problem solved, I could switch semlessly between VR and flat screen during a 30 min game cession without any issue :slight_smile:

I have the RTX 4090 gaming trio, the cheapest 4090 from MSI. That probably explains why the provided fan setting and temperature limit was not ideal.

that being said, the new ingame panel albeit very powerful, is way more resource hungry and causes a lot of stutters during rendering phases, so I hope that we will see further optimisations in the futur or maybe you can give us an option to chose between the older and the new version in the installer ?

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@Adnanso That is great to hear! Well done on finding the source of the issue, and many thanks for the detailed report! It is much appreciated.

Yes, that is the thing. It is not more resource hungry (quite the contrary - we have already made several optimizations) but the environment that we are limited to in the simulator forces us to directly share resources with the simulator. Basically, whenever the panel has to do something, the simulator has to wait - and the opposite is true as well. This is not the case with the browser or desktop app.

We will of course try our best to keep good performance in the panel, but unfortunately, there is only so much we can do - we’re sorry for this!


Yes I am having the same issues, was never really able to put my finger on it, but random CTD when at some points in the flight i pointed my mouse on the navigraph chart. I also only fly in VR but will have to resort to using this on an ipad instead, I am going to remove the panel and see if this makes a difference, which believe it will.

There really aren’t any known sources for crashes. The posts above pointed towards a heating issue in the CPU.

The only thing I can think about is if you are running some really old panel version. Are you running the current panel version? Check the Navdata Center app. (If it says Update then you are on an older version)