In Game Panel suggestion


First of all thank you very much for including this more than welcome ingame panel for Navigraph, it’s helping so much to have it in the game.

I have been using it for a few days now, and I see a few things that might be improved :

  • The login at each new startup, but I understand you’re aware of this.
  • The possibility to have a slide bar on the bottom part where you pin documents. As for now I didn’t found a way to slide them if not all displayed. What I need to do is to delete departure document after take off to see all my landings ones.
  • As I’m flying on VatSim, would be good to have a marker tool to highlight part of documents, like taxiways when you get your taxi from ATC. That would be a banger !

Thanks very much for the great job !

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Great suggestions thank you.

  • Yes we are working on login persistence between start-ups
  • Multiply pinned charts has been requested, and we would need to accommodate many such pinned charts.
  • Annotations are also in our list of potential enhancements in next Charts version.

Thank you for kind words.


Thanks very much for the prompt answer Ian, looking forward to it !