Request older version on desk top

I prefer the older version of navigraph charts, I can access it from inside the planes but not on desk top since it was replaced by a newer version that allows trip planning which I don’t want. how do I get my preferred old one back on my desktop.



Charts 8 has replaced Charts 7 in all except the MSFS In-Game Panel. This will also use Charts 8 when that Beta test is complete.

The new Charts 8 functionality required a more comprehensive user interface. We had over 2000 testers providing feedback with suggestions for improvement where needed. Most of these have been implemented or will be in updates.

We shall likely provide tooltips, help guides and videos over time.

I encourage you to try it out and get the most from it.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome. If you have specific “How do I …” questions, please ask. I or other users/testers will try to assist.

Compliments of the Season

I used to assemble my required charts before loading my flight then when i was ready launch the navigraph from in the plane and the charts were assembled. I can no longer do that. Now i must enter the plane click on the navigraph panel to access my flight from simbrief , and then, assemble the charts i want. Since i use simbrief, i doubt i will ant the new trip planner but I’ll try it.
Merry christmas to you and yours…


If you install the Charts 8 beta in-game panel you can load the same flight and pinbord as you planned in the Desktop app. You find it here: Charts 8 In-Game Panel Beta Testing



Is there a pdf user guide available for version 8?


Not at the moment. We plan to build help in to the app.

However, there are many helpful posts accessed by searching the forum.