Charts automatically upgrades to 8

I fly in VR. When I found out that Charts 8 doesn’t work with the MSFS in sim panel, I uninstalled and reinstalled an older version of Charts from a few months ago so that I could still use this feature. Now, every time I close Charts, it has upgraded to 8 the next time I open it.

On top of that, when I have the older version of Charts running, the ‘upgrade available’ prompt comes up and, even though I click ‘skip this version’, the prompt pops up again several minutes later.

I need to stay on the older version of Charts until the in game panel issues are sorted. How do I do this?

No, the workaround to create the route in 8 then copy and paste the route into the MSFS panel is not acceptable because I can’t copy and paste the charts I pin and would have to pin them again. I want to stay on the older version for now.

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Hi g33z3r.

The in-game panel won’t disappear and the moving maps functionality will not be affected when you upgrade to Charts 8. Is this your concern?

You can safely upgrade to Charts 8 in your web browser, on desktop and/or on tablet, and still use the in-game panel. It’s not discontinued.



I understand that but I can’t make a route in my desktop app and have it work in the panel in the sim. I even tried to get my plan from Simbrief with the in sim panel and it said I didn’t have any OFPs…which is REALLY not the case.

Ok, I see what you mean. We exported all flights from Charts 7 to Charts 8, but what you need is flights made in Chart 8 to display in the In-Game Panel running Charts 7.

We are looking into two options - either we update Charts 7 In-Gamle Panel to fetch flights from Charts 8; or we make the In-Game Panel be more like (or even become) Charts 8.

Currently we are going for the latter option, but we need a little longer to figure it out. There are some pretty difficult technical limitations which we discovered late in the development process. Give us a little moment and we will have something better working for you.



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So is there a solution right now to not allow Charts 7 to auto upgrade to Charts 8? As it is right now, every time I want to fly, I have to uninstall Charts 8 and install Charts 7 because of the auto upgrade.

No, at the moment we are not considering rolling back as an option to solve this. From the new platform of Charts 8 we are going to solve the issue you are describing.

Hi again g33z3r.

I just spoke to my colleagues, and a way to move flights between Charts and the In-Game Panel, until we have worked out a permanent solution, would be to use the clipboard.

As an interim solution, the clipboard is probably the best way. It is two way. In both the Charts panel and in Charts 8 there is an Export option > Copy route to clipboard.

After you have copied to clipboard you need to import:

  • To import into Charts 8 from the panel, create a new flight and press the pen icon in the top right corner. Paste and Done.
  • To import into the panel from Charts 8, create a new flight and set the same Origin and Destination as your Charts 8 flight. Press Type route. Paste and Save

Would this work for you, for now?



Well, that is the workaround that I mentioned in my original post that I said wasn’t acceptable because I don’t have my pinned charts and would have to pin the charts again when I get into sim.

My process is this. I do all my pre-flight processes and planning before getting into VR. I won’t get into VR until I am in the plane. Once I am in the plane, I do not want to exit VR until the end of the flight (or at cruise for longer flights) so everything needs to be there when I get in. If I have to get out of VR to figure things out, that disrupts my processes. For now, I will just keep uninstalling and reinstalling Charts until this gets solved.

Ah, you did, yes! Sorry.

Thanks for explaining your workflow. I understand now that it’s the pinboard you also want to have transferred.

If we can shoehorn Charts 8 into the In-Game Panel, this functionality should be there. Thanks for your patience while we sort this out.