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Since yesterday, every time I make a flight plan, the page loaded with the flight plan gives me many problems, very many

The icons disappear, some options disappear.

Hi, we haven’t made any recent changes to the app, and in other browsers it is still working properly. I suspect it’s either a bug in the Chrome browser (possibly affecting other Chromium browsers, such as Opera and Edge. Firefox seems unaffected), or it could also be a Windows or Graphics Driver bug. I can’t reproduce it on my end unfortunately so it must be some specific combination of factors that triggers it.

Please try going into the Chrome flags settings, and changing the “ANGLE graphics backend” setting to either “OpenGL” or “D3D9” and see if either of those help? Make sure to restart your browser between changes, otherwise the setting will not be applied.

You can go to the setting directly by pasting this into your Chrome address bar: chrome://flags/#use-angle.

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Good morning, thank you for replying so quickly, I think the problem is with my computer. I did what you suggested, but nothing changed, well yes it improved a little, but the problem came back

At first, I thought it was a problem with the LFMN-LIRA route which was perhaps giving him some problems.

This morning I went to the work PC, or rather 3 different PCs, and the problem did not arise.

Evidently I did something to my PC involuntarily that created this strange phenomenon.

I downloaded the simbreif plugin and it doesn’t give me any problems at the moment.

There is something external or internal that my google doesn’t like,and it only does it with simbrief, because eurocontroll autoroute etccc… I have no problem.

I’ll try deleting your history harder and reinstalling Google…

Thanks again for the quick response and suggestion,

Hi, thanks for the follow-up.

Can you also try the suggestions in this topic? Curious if any of them make a difference: Graphic Glitches - #2 by SimBrief


Thank you very much for the suggestions. Since my last message, I tried removing the map, as you suggested later and the problem disappeared. In short, I didn’t really remove it but resized it.

And the situation has improved and I no longer have that annoying problem.

However, I would like to inform you that, on some routes, the work PC (a sad PC and only serves as a terminal) also gave me that problem.

But I can tell you one thing, on Sunday I had installed the latest version of Java, as in order to access the NAS (home NAS) Java had to be updated. I uninstalled Java and it seems that the situation (even with the large map) has significantly improved.

As soon as I find a solution, I’ll let you know so you can help others

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Just to follow up, I have released an update that I think might prevent this from happening.

Please try again and let me know if you still have this issue in SimBrief.


Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, but between work and finishing the tours of the Italian division I didn’t have time to do the tests.

Then I shrank the map to continue using simbrief, today I enlarged the map and generated 7 flight plans (enlarged map) at the moment I haven’t had the problem I had before, I think it has been resolved…we’ll see in the next few days

For now, thank you very much for following me

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