Problem importing a SimBrief Flight Plan into the GNS530/430 in the Piper WARRIOR II

I am on Xbox and have recently taken out a Navigraph Ultimate subscription in order to use it to plan and import flight plans into aircraft with the Avionics Plug-In like the HJet, Vision Jet, FSR500 and most recently the Just Flight Piper WARRIOR II.

I had difficulty a few days ago with importing a SimBrief flight plan into the G1000NXi in the FSR500, which I raised on the forum. Skysail was kindly able to provide an extra “step” which solved the problem. It involved using the Flight Plan Catalog under FPL on the FSR500 MFD and Activating the selected flight.

The problem I have now is very similar except that it involves the GNS530/430 in the Piper WARRIOR II. I have been trying to follow your paper “Xbox Support for Just Flight 146 and Piper with Charts and SimBrief”. I am able to do the Login and Authentication successfully and the FP appears on the EFB.

I thought that there may again be an extra “step” to get the FP into the Garmin? and that this would again involve the Flight Plan Catalog. According to the “GNS 530(A) Pilot’s Guide and Reference / Section 5 : Flight Plans” there are two pages available when pressing the FPL key viz. Active Flight Plan & Flight Plan Catalog. However in the WARRIOR II’s GNS530 when I press the FPL key only the Active Flight Plan page is visible i.e. there is only 1 page under FPL.

Therefore I am now stuck and request some assistance please.

Hello again!

To be clear: this is not an extra step. This (the Flight Plan Catalog) is the only integration that we have built in this context, and thus is the only one we can give full support for. The EFB in the PA28 (and its Navigraph integrations) is built and maintained by JustFlight, we can’t help much if something is not working on that end. Just wanted to make this clear, the next section should explain why!

Please be aware that Navigraph does not have any integrations with this instrument. If it is possible to export your flightplan from the EFB to this instrument, that integration would be built by JustFlight, not us. As far as I know, this is not possible at the moment - the manual (found here) does not mention any such features. The manual only mentions OFP support for the EFB.

That said, such an integration is technically possible for addon developers. You’ll have to ask JustFlight to build it though, since they are the developers behind this addon.

I hope this brings some additional insights! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

Thank you for your reply but I find the content very disappointing. I only purchased the Piper Warrior II 2 days ago on the basis that SimBrief flight plan import was now possible. I also feel I have been misled by the Navigraph publication on 26/02/2024 titled “Flight Simulation Charts on Xbox”. In that there is a table and under the heading “SimBrief flight plan import” the JustFlight Piper Fleet is ticked, along with 3 other aircraft in my hangar :- Flight FX HJet, FlightFX SF50 Vision Jet & FSReborn FSR500. I can verify that these other 3 aircraft have SimBrief flight plan import capability, but you are telling me that the Piper Warrior II does not.

I am left wondering what SimBrief flight plan import means if it does not mean that the SimBrief flight plan can be imported into the specific planes mentioned, and therefore that pilots can follow the flight plan via GPS? I had quite naturally assumed that Navigraph had collaborated with Just Flight to provide this new facility. However what you are saying is that this is not the case!

Also in your publication titled “Xbox support for Just Flight 146 and Piper with Charts and SimBrief” it should make it clear, but doesn’t, that JustFlight need to make changes to the GNS530 to allow SimBrief flight plan import to work!

This is admittedly misleading, and we are going to take a look at this table to see what we can do to clarify things. The PA28 does support SimBrief flight plan import, but it does not apply to the GNS530.

We understand the confusion, and we will clear this up.

Nowhere in the title or in the post itself do we mention that the route can be imported into the GNS530. On the contrary, we do describe the extent of the SimBrief integration in pictures and text. The full set of features (same as described in our blog post) is also described in the manual for the PA28, which is available before you make your purchase.

We’re sorry that you feel disappointed and misled. We will make the necessary changes to our site to make sure that it does not happen again! If you reach out to our account support at , we’d be willing to extend your subscription period free of charge as a courtesy based on the inconvenience!

Again, sorry about this.

Kind Regards,

Hi Malte,

Thanks for your very prompt reply and your admission that the information provided regarding the “SimBrief flight plan import” is misleading.

I have a high regard for Navigraph and appreciate the really good work you are doing to support Xbox simmers like myself. My opinion is unchanged following your fair and honest response to my complaint.

I will contact your account support department as you suggest.

Kind regards,

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